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Three Instances When Tenants Should Hire a Lawyer

Tenants face many issues, most of which are minor and can be easily resolved by talking with a landlord or property manager. However, some tenancy problems are significant and might threaten your right to enjoy rental space. Unfortunately, most people do not know their rights; hence, it is easy for tenants to sit back and take whatever a proprietor throws at them. The reason is that most tenants do not know when their rights are being infringed. Read More 

Why Hiring a No-Win-No-Fee Personal Injury Lawyer Is The Thing to Do

Dealing with a personal injury case can be stressful. In many cases, after an accident, you find yourself with massive medical bills and other expenses to cover, which makes it hard to hire a lawyer. However, if you have a strong case and a high chance of a win, you can get a no-win-no-fee personal injury lawyer to work with you. Here are three main reasons why you should consider hiring this type of lawyer. Read More 

Why You Should See a Specialist When Facing a Family Law Issue

Wondering whether to choose a general legal practitioner or a family law specialist for your family law matter? Unlike general practice lawyers who handle a wide range of legal issues under the Australian legal system, family law lawyers provide specialist legal counsel and service in matters relating to family law only. While both are important, there are many reasons to choose a family law specialist over a general legal service provider for your situation. Read More 

How a Family Lawyer Can Help Your Divorce Case

Do you have a looming divorce? If you do, you probably need a family lawyer. Below is an excerpt discussing how a family lawyer can help out with your divorce case.  Filing For Divorce Your family lawyer will file the divorce application at the Australian Family Court. Typically, the lawyer will assess your situation to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements for divorce. For instance, your marriage must be recognised in the country. Read More 

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Careful and Compassionate Blogs About the Law: A Legal Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I used to work as a paralegal. That experience was amazing, and I got a great behind the scenes look at the law. In this blog, I am going to take that information and write carefully researched blogs that take a compassionate look at the various aspects of the law. I may write about everything, from personal injury, to divorce, to other types of cases. After leaving the legal world, I worked as a corporate writer for a large insurance company until my first son was born. Now, five years later, I am ready to get back in the work force, and I am working on creating a larger writing portfolio. I hope to include this blog as part of it, but more importantly, I hope these posts answer your questions about legal issues.