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Why You Should See a Specialist When Facing a Family Law Issue

Wondering whether to choose a general legal practitioner or a family law specialist for your family law matter?

Unlike general practice lawyers who handle a wide range of legal issues under the Australian legal system, family law lawyers provide specialist legal counsel and service in matters relating to family law only. While both are important, there are many reasons to choose a family law specialist over a general legal service provider for your situation. 

Continue reading to explore the advantages of seeing a family law lawyer.

Get a lawyer who practices exclusively in family law

While general law practitioners have a reasonable amount of knowledge in multiple areas of the law, they don't devote their full attention to any specific practice area. They may be familiar with many areas of family law, but they generally handle a wide variety of cases and are not specialized.

Because they lack the deep knowledge of family law that a specialist can bring to the table, general practitioners may fail to come up with the best strategy for achieving the desired outcome. If you end up choosing a general practitioner that hasn't handled a family law case in a long time, they might not be familiar with the latest trends and changes in that area of the law. This may further undermine their ability to provide you with the best possible advice or service.

When the stakes are high, it's best to use a specialist.

This can expedite your family dispute resolution process.

Unless the other party refuses to play ball, you should try as much as possible to resolve your family law matter out of court. Depending on your specific legal issue, going to court can be a lengthy and expensive way to reach a settlement.

The good news is that there are various options for settling family disputes out of court and in a fast and amicable manner. These include arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation and collaborative law.

Family lawyers understand how each of these alternative dispute resolution methods work and can explain them to you better than general practitioners can. As a result, they can help you achieve a fast and amicable settlement.

While hiring a general law practitioner can sometimes deliver the outcome you desire, it's generally recommended you choose a family law specialist for your family law matter whenever possible. Never hesitate to seek legal advice or service from a family lawyer that serves clients in your area when dealing with a family dispute.

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