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Three Instances When Tenants Should Hire a Lawyer

Tenants face many issues, most of which are minor and can be easily resolved by talking with a landlord or property manager. However, some tenancy problems are significant and might threaten your right to enjoy rental space. Unfortunately, most people do not know their rights; hence, it is easy for tenants to sit back and take whatever a proprietor throws at them. The reason is that most tenants do not know when their rights are being infringed. Thus, they are less likely to seek legal advice from a lawyer. This article highlights instances when a tenant should engage a lawyer.

Landlord Does Not Address Repairs

The proprietor of a residential property is obligated to keep the rental space in good condition for tenants. Therefore, if you have a problem in your apartment that you want to be repaired, the proprietor should do so within a reasonable timeframe. Unfortunately, some proprietors delay repairs for no reason. For instance, if your landlord or landlady keeps postponing repairs to your heating system and your child falls sick because of cold weather, you should consider hiring a lawyer. Similarly, if a property owner does not repair roof leaks and the ceiling caves in and destroys your belongings, it might be time to lawyer up.

Discrimination-Based Evictions

Property owners have a right to evict a tenant as long as it is done within tenancy laws. Although landlords and landladies understand the requirement, it has not stopped some from evicting tenants based on bias. However, they might try to give a 'legitimate' reason for their action. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer if you feel that eviction is based on discrimination. While you can personally file a complaint with the housing department, a lawyer can do it on your behalf and expedite the legal process and damages recovery. However, your lawyer must prove that your eviction was discriminatory.

Injuries Within a Property

Accidents can happen in apartments and other rental properties for various reasons. For instance, if you miss a step while running up or down a staircase and knock out your teeth or break your nose or hand, you do not have the right to sue the property owner. However, if you slip on a wet stairway because the janitor left water or soap on the steps, then you can sue for personal injury. In such instances, you should hire a lawyer to sue for damages occasioned by the injuries. A lawyer can identify legal theories to apply to your case and increase the chances of compensation. Contact a lawyer for more information. 

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