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What to Expect When a Will is Contested

If you are worried that a will might be contested, then you are probably wondering what will happen next. It can be a confusing and stressful process but understanding the process of contesting a will can help give you some much-needed peace of mind. This blog post explains the basics of what to expect when it comes to contested wills. What Is Involved With Contesting a Will? Contesting a will is the legal process by which someone challenges the validity of an existing will. Read More 

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Careful and Compassionate Blogs About the Law: A Legal Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I used to work as a paralegal. That experience was amazing, and I got a great behind the scenes look at the law. In this blog, I am going to take that information and write carefully researched blogs that take a compassionate look at the various aspects of the law. I may write about everything, from personal injury, to divorce, to other types of cases. After leaving the legal world, I worked as a corporate writer for a large insurance company until my first son was born. Now, five years later, I am ready to get back in the work force, and I am working on creating a larger writing portfolio. I hope to include this blog as part of it, but more importantly, I hope these posts answer your questions about legal issues.