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Why Whiplash Is No Joke for Those Involved

Late-night comedians will often make fun of people who complain about a whiplash injury sustained in a car accident. They make it seem as if every one of these individuals is making it up and trying to pull a fast one on their insurance company. Yet, people who are really suffering following this type of event will know only too well how painful this condition can be and rue the moment that they were involved in an accident through no fault of their own. Read More 

Can You Claim for Psychological Stress at Work?

Some occupations are far more stressful than others. Take, for example, an air traffic controller or a trauma doctor, where these individuals are under a lot of pressure and there are many lives at stake. While these may be considered extremes, stress can manifest itself in many different ways to different people in 'ordinary' occupations as well. If you are at your wit's end due to problems in your workplace, can you make a claim for insurance, so that you can seek help and get better? Read More 

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Careful and Compassionate Blogs About the Law: A Legal Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I used to work as a paralegal. That experience was amazing, and I got a great behind the scenes look at the law. In this blog, I am going to take that information and write carefully researched blogs that take a compassionate look at the various aspects of the law. I may write about everything, from personal injury, to divorce, to other types of cases. After leaving the legal world, I worked as a corporate writer for a large insurance company until my first son was born. Now, five years later, I am ready to get back in the work force, and I am working on creating a larger writing portfolio. I hope to include this blog as part of it, but more importantly, I hope these posts answer your questions about legal issues.