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When Is It Time to Declare Bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy is not usually an easy decision for anyone, and it's not something to decide on lightly. When you declare bankruptcy, this can affect your credit rating for many years to come and make it difficult to get a loan or any line of credit; in some cases, a bankruptcy might affect your ability to qualify for certain jobs. However, there are times when it's good to think about bankruptcy as an option as it can mean relief from overwhelming debt. Read More 

Especially Risky DIY Conveyancing Situations for a Buyer

Conveyancing simply refers to transferring property from one owner to another, and a conveyancer is a professional who can assist either the buyer or seller through this process. They are not solicitors or lawyers, but they can often give advice when it comes to the entire process of transferring property. If you're looking to buy property and are thinking that you can or should handle your own conveyancing, note a few reasons why this might be especially risky and why you might opt to hire a professional to help you thorough. Read More 

Things To Ask A Criminal Defense Lawyer Prior To Your Court Case

After you've been arrested on a criminal charge, the normal procedure is for you to obtain a lawyer to defend you when your case goes to trial. It's important, however, that you take an active part in your own defense, to ensure that all aspects of your case are being handled in the proper manner. With that in mind, there are three things you can ask a criminal lawyer prior to your case that can help you mount the best defense. Read More 

Covering Some Important Points About Deceased Estates in Australia

When someone passes away, there is usually someone named as the executor of their will; this executor has the responsibility to handle what is called a deceased estate. This estate includes the monies and other assets left behind by the deceased, as well as any tax bills and other such costs that need to be met from that estate. If you're someone who needs to handle a deceased estate, you would do well to speak to an attorney who can walk you through the process. Read More 

Shoplifting In Queensland: Four Things You Need To Know About Regulatory Offences

Retailers in Queensland suffer considerable financial losses every year due to shoplifting, so the police treat the offence seriously. Of course, shoplifting cases vary in severity, and the authorities refer to minor theft as a regulatory offence. Learn more about the definition of a regulatory offence, and find out what penalties could apply if a court finds you guilty. The value of stolen goods is essential Regulatory offences occur where the value of the goods is not particularly significant. Read More 

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Careful and Compassionate Blogs About the Law: A Legal Blog

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